Please note that vaccines will be given in large centers like school gymnasiums, arenas, community halls, and not at our clinic.

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COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ

Who should NOT get the vaccine?

• People who have had a severe allergic reaction to any vaccine or are allergic to any ingredients in the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine should also not receive the vaccine at this time.

Is the vaccine safe?

• The vaccines are safe – our regulators set the bar high to ensure the most rigorous standards are met.

• Vaccine trials also included older people with weakened immune systems, and those from different ethnic backgrounds.

• It should be recognized that risks of the virus are significant, and far outweigh the risks of vaccination.

How successful are the vaccines in protecting people from the virus?

• Success of the vaccines is 94 to 95%, which means they can protect most people. This is really good news. At best, we had been hoping for 50 to 60% effectiveness.

How long will I be protected for?

• As time goes on, we will be learning more about the virus and our immune responses i.e., how long it takes for immunity to be achieved, whether we can still transmit COVID19, and how long we are protected from getting the virus.