Asymptomatic COVID-19 Testing is now available!

Forward Care Medical is now offering private pay Covid-19 testing for patients that have no symptoms. For patients whose travel requires COVID-19 testing, please call us at 604-261-2633 to book an appointment.

FCM does not have control over how quickly your test is processed as Lifelabs is responsible for processing and reporting the test results. Our team at FCM will try to get your results back to you as soon as possible, but if Lifelabs is busy, there may be delays with the test results.

These tests are not covered by MSP. Our tests are private pay for travel reasons. We charge $165 to conduct the test and collect the sample. You will then have to bring the sample into Lifelabs where you will be required to pay $165 to process your samples. If needed, requisitions for antibody testing will be provided along with your sample. The antibody test is conducted at Lifelabs and will cost $75.


  • $165 to conduct and collect the sample
  • $165 at Lifelabs for processing your samples
  • $75 (optional) antibody test at Lifelabs

Tests for patients with COVID-19 symptoms are covered by MSP. Please book a virtual appointment to talk to a doctor about your symptoms or check out our website for a list of COVID-19 testing centers. FCM private testing is for patients without any symptoms looking to do a test due to travel reasons.