Starting from May, we are completely transitioning our email communication to our online pomelo (healthmyself) portal. This means that any pictures, forms, or text will be sent through our online portal, instead of our email. We are doing this because our online portal is well integrated with our system and offers a more secure solution to communications. Healthmyself is PHIPA compliant and uses encryption as well as secure networks for enhanced security in communications. If you have not registered for our online portal, please do so, as it will become our main method of communication.

Click here to register/log-in

Our online portal can be used to book virtual appointments online and to communicate with our clinic. To send messages/attachments, log-in to the online portal, click 'compose new message', and select 'medical reception'. You should be able to send a message with attachments to us.

Our email will be available to answer any generic questions. Please note that if you have any medical concerns, book an appointment with your doctor.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us: or privately message us on Facebook or Instagram.