Executive Wellness - Coming Soon

Non-MSP Covered Services. Discover a full-range of Wellness services, including Health Assessments, Weight Loss & Integrative Medicine.

What is Executive Wellness?

FORWARD CARE Executive Wellness Programs

The following are non-MSP covered services. Please email wellness@forwardcaremedical.com for more information and pricing:

  1. Executive Comprehensive Health Assessment. Our expert physicians will do an annual health assessment to help you ensure optimal health.  During this assessment, we will conduct a medical assessment (summary of diagnosis and laboratory investigations), a fitness and nutritional assessment and help set wellness goals with you from year to year. A custom built wellness plan just for you.

  1. Comprehensive weight loss program.  Get an indepth analysis into your current metabolic state with our 3D body scanner and get access to the most evidence based, sustainable medically supervised weight loss program.  Ideal for those with BMI of 24-30. Approach is customized and may include dietician counselling, regular check ins, exercise program, medications, fat dissolve and body sculpting treatments.

  1. Integrative Medicine Consultation. Integrative medicine is the evidence based evaluation and integration of alternative treatment options.  Rather than seeking naturopathic or wellness counsellor consultations who often are not familiar with all your medical conditions, our integrative medicine physicians are internists certified with the college of physicians and surgeons and submit rigorous evidence based review of all alternative treatments and expert knowledge of how those treatments may affect or interact with your exisiting medical conditions.

Launching Soon. Stay tuned for updates and details.

New Patient Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a patient at FCM. Please note we are not currently accepting patients at this time.  Having a family doctor is important to your health. Please contact the divisions of family practice at 604-569-2010.  

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